A Visit to the Sunflower Field

It was always my dream to visit a Sunflower Field. I don’t know why but I just love Sunflowers, it is definitely one of my favourite flowers (along with Lavender and Sweet Pea).

Sunflower field

I’ve been trying to visit a Sunflower field for at least a couple of years and let’s say that my timing was never the best.

The bloom only lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and every time I remembered to schedule a visit, it was already too late. Another reason is that in my searches for Sunflower Fields I could not find anything close to Montreal.

One thing that COVID is showing me is that there’s a lot of natural beauty close to home that I didn’t know about. The amount of wonderful places within a 2-hours’ drive from Montreal is amazing and I cannot stop adding new places to my list.

Sunflower field

After going to the Lavender Field I thought that a visit to the Sunflower Field would be a perfect activity for the end of summer. (OR to complete this summer)

September is almost around the corner and it’s finally the time of the year where we can get lost in fields of giant yellow flowers. The Sunflowers are beginning to bloom!!!

Today I want to invite you to join our road trip to visit the beautiful sunflower field at La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac.

The visit to the Sunflower Field

This is only the second year that the family-run farm La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac (only 50 min from Montreal) plants Sunflowers and opens its doors to the public. I must say that they really thought about every single detail.

Sunflower field trip

As soon as you enter, there is a playground area with a trampoline. Next you will see the path leading to the Sunflower field and a Corn Maze on each side of it. Following that path made with giant sunflowers you will find the Sunflower field.  

In this field, besides the yellow and black Sunflowers it is possible to admire a dozen of different varieties of Sunflowers, ranging from red, white and cream, not to mention the alley of giant sunflowers!


There is also a pathway in the middle of the field and you can stroll along the way to admire the beauty of the flowers and take Insta-worthy pictures.


In the center of the field there is a cute little cabin where you get to borrow the pruning shears to pick your own Sunflowers.

If you’d like to take some of the cheerfulness home with you they have 2 options, a bouquet for $10 or a stem for $2. Since we did not know how the bouquet looked like we ended up choosing the stem.

That was a big mistake!!! Not only because you can choose the flowers for your bouquet but also because when you choose the bouquet, they give you a cute mason jar to put water and preserve your freshly picked sunflowers.

Sunflower bouquet

So after seen a few people with their beautiful bouquets we tried to buy one at the cabin but they only accepted cash and guess if we had a penny with us? The answer to this is a big and fat “Of course not!!!”, so we ran to the front entrance and asked them if we could pay the $11.50 ($10 + taxes) for the bouquet and they accepted it!!!

It is not very pleasant to handle 3 kids and enjoy the breathtaking view while holding a bouquet or a stem. So my tip for you is to do and see everything you want in the farm and pick the flowers for your bouquet when you are about to leave. Once you do that you can go back to the fields and take a few extra pictures with your stunning bouquet!!!

Sunflower field

Also in the center of the field they have a few picnic tables and a Smoothie Bar. We took our own food for the picnic and bought some smoothies at the farm.

The smoothies cost $5.50 each and they come in 3 different flavours: a green version (green apple, bananas and spinach), a red version (berries) and a yellow version (pineapple, mango and banana).

If you prefer, the Farm offers a selection of lunch boxes to enjoy on site. It has 3 choices of main meals accompanied by a salad, a muffin and a bottle of water. Each item in the lunchbox features at least one ingredient from the farm!

Sunflower field

You can reserve your lunch box when booking your time slot. And please remember that no lunch box will be sold on site to those who have not already booked it online at least a day before.

How it works

The 2020 event will be held on the following 3 Fridays and weekends:

August 21st, 22nd and 23rd, August 28th, 29th and 30th and September 4th, 5th and 6th.

Sunflower field

Due to COVID 19 capacity limitations, all visitors will have to reserve and pay for their place online at least a day in advance. A limited number of places will be fixed each day. They are limiting to 250 people simultaneously on the site. Time slots of around 3 hours will be reserved per group

We chose the Family of 4 deal (2 adults and 2 children), that costs $44 + taxes. You don’t need to worry about parking, they have a big parking lot just across the road and it is free!!!

Private photography sessions can be booked in advance on the website and will happen during the week when the farm is closed to the public.

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Strawberry U-pick during the COVID-19 pandemic

Strawberry U-pick with Kids during the Pandemic
Strawberry picking at Quinn Farm

Strawberry U-pick is one of our family’s favourite summer activities and the kids are always anxiously waiting for the end of June to feast on tons of delicious local-grown strawberries.

Quinn Farm was the first farm we visited when we arrived in Montreal and we try to visit it at least once a year. It is located in a cute little town called Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot and it is only a 45-minute drive from downtown Montreal. One of the reasons we like going there is because it is highly organized and structured to receive families with small kids. They also have a shop where you can find freshly picked fruits and vegetables and lots of locally grown or made products.

Strawberry picking at Quinn Farm

The other reason why we love the strawberry season is that we can stock up and have enough strawberries for our favourite recipes. We don’t buy jam anymore, all the jam we eat at home is made with the strawberries we pick. We freeze it in small containers so we can enjoy a taste of summer all year long.

Strawberry picking at Quinn Farm

Of course that during our last visit to the shop I couldn’t leave empty-handed, so I brought home a small jar of Apple Butter,  one of Onion Confit and a Dutch Apple Pie that was still hot from the oven. They all taste delicious!!!

We were worried that due to the Pandemic all the Strawberry U-pick farms would remain closed and 2020 would be the first year without Strawberry U-pick. To make sure I was aware of any change I visited their website almost every day for the past few weeks.

Strawberry picking at Quinn Farm

I was so happy when I saw that they would be able to reopen the site (of course with a few changes). I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the pandemic has rapidly changed the individual freedoms that many of us took for granted. That’s why we do our best to teach our Little Ones to be grateful to all the little things in our life, such as a trip to the ice-cream shop followed by a stop-over at the park.

Strawberry picking at Quinn Farm

In order to disperse crowds, only people who have reserved and paid online will be permitted to pick their own strawberries. Some activities in the play yard are closed as well as the picnic areas. Visitors can take a tractor and wagon ride to the field if they choose (while respecting social distancing).

You can book your visit one their website. They open the booking calendar only 3 days in advance.

The prices are:

Admission – $8 per person (everyone 2 years and over)

4L basket – $12

2L basket – $8

A basket of fresh picked strawberries

You need to purchase at least 1 basket, as you can’t just pay for admission.

Special measures in place to make the visit safer:

  • Keep 2 meters between your family and other guests and staff;
  • Do not consume any food on site (no picnics, no sampling of fruit);
  • Do not gather or loiter anywhere on the farm;
  • Plan to only have 1 person per family enter the store;
  • Wash your hands before and after your visit;
  • Avoid touching things unnecessarily everywhere on the farm (products in the store or objects on the farm);
  • Plan on using a card and the tap option on our debit/credit terminals.

Our impression

We knew that it would be an unusual experience, very different from what we are used to. On a normal visit, we eat lots of strawberries while still in the field then we go to one of the picnic areas to have lunch. The kids go visit the farm animals and also slide on a super cool tube they have there. Since we knew that no food was permitted on site, we did not take anything with us, just a snack for the ride. And we didn’t allow them to play on the slide.

Checking the animals at Quinn Farm

It was difficult for the kids to understand that they could not eat any strawberries while we were in the field. For a couple of times the 2 older ones said that they really wanted to eat at least one strawberry. It was hard to hear that and to accept that this is our new normal. The kids patiently waited to get home and they each had a big bowl full of clean strawberries.

Overall, I think it is worth a visit. You will be able to distract a bit and will take home hundreds of delicious strawberries!

Click here to check the list with the best summer activities in Montreal.

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The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal (Summer Version)

Discover the Top 8 things to do in Montreal with the kids as soon as life goes back to normal!

Summer is for sure our family’s favourite season. There is always so much to do in Montreal and surrounding areas that sometimes we have all the weekends of summer planned out before it even begins.

2020 is certainly an atypical year. First of all because it will be the first time in 5 years that we don’t have to spend weeks packing due to moving. Yes, we’ve moved every summer for the past 5 years! Definitely the worst moving experience was the last one, on summer of 2019. At the time I was 38 weeks pregnant of our third child and we had only one week to paint and organize the home to receive the new baby. It is crazy, isn’t it? Secondly, as we are not moving, we hoped that we would have more free time to do lots of fun activities with the kids, but then COVID-19 happened and you know the rest!

I’m sure you’re with me on this one when I say that it was not in the plans to face the daily challenges on how to juggle our lives between work, homeschooling, health, connections with friends and family, and stay sane!

Well, but the truth is that COVID is going to stick with us for a little while and summer is almost around the corner. And that means that we will have to adapt our plans a little and get a bit creative.

And then it hit me, since we will not be able to stick to our plans, why not make a list of things we want to do and places we want to visit when all of this is over? So we sat together and the kids loved making some additions to the list. And at the same time it was very nostalgic and brought back a lot of good family memories.

If you ever plan to visit Montreal stick with me here because our list of The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal will keep you busy and entertained during your stay in this vibrant and marvelous city.

Are you ready? So, let’s go to the fun part:


Go to a Montreal Impact soccer game

Montreal Impact hosts its games at Saputo Stadium and it is an amazing experience. Since it is a smaller stadium, you feel very close to the action.

Strawberry U-Pick

Every summer we try to go at least twice to Strawberry U-pick. The kids absolutely love to pick some strawberries and eat tons of them while still at the farm. And the best part of Strawberry season is that we get enough strawberries to make and stock up on Strawberry Jam for the whole year.

We went Strawberry picking during the pandemic.
Check it out!
Strawberry U-pick - The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal
Strawberry U-pick - The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal
Strawberry U-pick - The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal

Apple Picking

Montreal has hundreds of farms within a 45 minutes drive where you can apple pick. That is why we try to go to a different farm each year. It is a fun and delicious day-trip. Usually we arrive early at the farm, pick some apples during the morning (when the sun is not very hot) and then we sit by a tree and have a delicious picnic. Apple Jam and Apple Pie are two of the recipes we make with the apples we bring home.


If you are a parent from Montreal a pataugeoire is a huge part of your summer’s afternoons. Pataugeoire is a wading pool and is where my kids like to go every afternoon after summer camp.

Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival is not in Montreal and it does not happen in the summer. It is, in fact, an annual festival that happens in Ottawa in the beginning of May. It has already become our tradition to go every year on a family trip to Ottawa and visit the festival. Ottawa is stunning and it gets even more beautiful with thousands and thousands. But if you don’t want to travel, the Botanical Garden has also a beautiful garden full of tulips.

The Tulip Festival in Ottawa

Jazz Festival

The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is an annual jazz festival held in Montreal. There is even a section dedicated only to the Little Ones with a giant piano (the kids can jump from one key to another to make a song) and a lot more.

Just for Laughs Festival

Just for Laughs is a comedy festival held each July at the Place des Espetacles. It was founded in 1983 and it is the largest international comedy festival in the world.

Orchestra at Mont Royal

The Mont Royal is our favourite place in the city. Can you imagine listening to the most prestigious symphony orchestra in Canada and one of the best in North America while looking at the breathtaking views from the top of the Mont Royal? I don’t think life can get any better! It happens that one evening per year (around mid-July) the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal hosts a free concert at the Chalet du Mont-Royal. I know what you are thinking, it is impossible to miss it.

The Montreal Symphony Orchestra playing at Mont Royal
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Alice in Wonderland Party – A Dessert Table Perfect for Alice’s Tea Time – Part 2

Previously we shared the planning of our daughter’s Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. If you missed it, please click here.

One of my favorite things to do for my kids’s birthday parties is to create a fun cake and a beautiful dessert table.

Alice in Wonderland birthday party

For the first time I really had time to plan ahead all the details. There was just one problem, the whole time I had a feeling that something could destroy all my planning.

If you have a 6 year old at home you are probably guessing it right. I had the feeling that sooner or later she was going to change her mind about the theme and ruin all my ideas.

OMG why do they have to change the theme of their party almost every week???

I guess the fact that she was so involved in every single detail of the party really helped her to stick with Alice’s theme!

My friend from Fêtes de Jardin was in charge of the décor and she did an amazing job!

For the dessert table we used a standard six-foot-long folding table that we already had with a black and white tablecloth placed over it. To display the snacks, we used our barbeque, we covered the grill with a table cloth and placed the trays on it.

Alice in Wonderland Party

We made a platter with cheese, pistachios, peanut, pretzel, some veggies (cucumber, brocoli, bell peppers and tomates) and some fruits (cantaloup, strawberry and grapes). We also had popcorn (the birthday girl’s favourite snack) and some hotdogs.

Alice in Wonderland Party

Yummy Treats!

Now let’s get into the fun stuff, the actual Alice in Wonderland themed treats! Stick with me here, because I’m going to take you one by one through them all.

The Cake

First, let’s start with the cake! The cake is a chocolate cake filled with creamy dark chocolate ganache and frosted with buttercream. We started the prep for the cake 2 weeks in advance and this was very important in order to give all the decorations and the figurine enough time to dry. Alice helped with the easier things, such as cutting the dots for the mushrooms.

To make the vintage key we mixed fondant with CMC to help in the drying process. I always add CMC to fondant whenever I’m doing a figurine or any decoration that needs to be very dry and solid. When the keys were already dried Alice painted them in gold, using edible gold dust. Once the painted keys were dry we stored them in a small cardboard box. Important!! Keep it in mind that you should store fondant decorations in a dark container away from sunlight and humidity.  

For the simpler flowers (the pink ones) we used a plunger cutter. And the best part is the kids can do this task with almost no supervision.

For the red roses, we cut the petals with a special cutter and right away assembled all together to make the rose. The trick is to assemble each rose as you cut the petals because the gumpaste will still be flexible and wont break so easily.

These roses are incredibly easy to make and they will take your cakes and cupcakes to a higher level. So, please comment in this post if you would be interested in a gumpaste flower tutorial.

We did not use any cutter or mold for the mushrooms, the clock, the door, the fence or for Alice’s figurine.


Next we had Arabesque cakepops – They are chocolate flavoured and they are so easy to make. Firstly I mixed some leftover cake with brigadeiro (you can also use ganache, dulce de leche or buttercream).  Secondly, I rolled them into balls. Then I gave a coat of blue chocolate and added a black fondant bow, just like Alice’s.

Arabesque cakepops


Next we had macarons. I needed a few different colours and very little quantity of each. There’s just one problem, it would take forever to bake all the colours I wanted. So, in an effort to save time (and stress) I purchased them at Costco. It was definitely a huge time saver; it comes in 6 different colours and flavours and they taste delicious.

Macarons for Alice in Wonderland party


To keep the Brazilian tradition alive, we could not leave the brigadeiros out! Alice and her brother are always volunteering and happy to help with the brigadeiros.

I can almost hear you thinking that it is a crazy idea to let the kids near the chocolate. Yes! They will make a mess and they will eat a few brigadeiros (Sugar Rush!!!). But let’s say it is only for quality control!

If you want to learn how to make the most amazing brigadeiro, click here.


The cookies were simple vanilla butter cookies. We cut them into 3 different shapes, a round one for the clock, and 2 different vintage plaques, one we used for the keyhole and the other we used to write “eat me” on it. The good thing about an Alice in Wonderland Party is that everything that you add “Eat me” will match the theme!!

Alice in Wonderland Cookies


I decided to make these cute solid painted chocolates after I found an old tea party themed silicon chocolate mold. And I’m really happy that they matched the Alice in Wonderland party theme after all.

Alice in Wonderland party

If you have any questions, please reach out! I will be more than happy to answer!

Alice in Wonderland party sign

Don’t forget to visit the first part of this post.

Alice in Wonderland party sign
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Super Easy Orange Cake

easy orange cake

This easy orange cake recipe is very moist and it is so simple to make. It’s perfect for breakfast, tea time or as a simple dessert.

If you are having guests over and want to make a last minute treat, this is the ultimate no-brainer recipe.  I mean, really, it’s too easy!

easy orange cake

As a busy parent, it’s always nice to have a go-to recipe that can save your life in a chaotic day. This easy orange cake recipe has saved me countless times.

Before finding this recipe, I tried a few orange cake recipes but they all were a bit too dry or not orangey enough for my taste. What I like about this recipe is that the glaze adds just the right amount of moisture to the cake. As a result, you will get a cake that is light, fluffy and very moist. The whole family will love it.


  • 1 whole big orange (not peeled)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Oil
  • 2 cups Flour
  • 1 tbsp Baking Powder
  • A pinch of salt

For the Glaze

  • 150gr icing sugar
  • 40ml orange juice (it’s best to use fresh squeezed juice)
  • Orange zest (take the zest of the orange you are going to squeeze)
easy orange cake


  • Preheat oven to 350F
  • Wash your orange and cut it in pieces, doesn’t need to be too small
  • Whisk flour, baking powder, salt and set aside
  • Blend the orange in pieces, eggs, sugar, oil and
  • Add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients in 3 steps/parts, blending for a few seconds each time
  • Scrape the batter into the prepared cake pan
  • Bake for about 30 min or until your toothpick comes out clean!
  • Mix all the ingredients for the glaze and pour it on the cake once it’s already cool.

Please let me know how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #withmylittleones.

More cake recipes:

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Traditional Brazilian Brigadeiro Recipe

brigadeiro balls

If you know anything about Brazilian cuisine or if you have a Brazilian friend, you probably already know what Brigadeiro is. And for sure you also know that it is Brazil’s most popular sweet treat!

brigadeiro balls

If you don’t know what Brigadeiro is, don’t worry, you are not the only one! I’m here to help you change that, but be prepared, it will change your life!!

Brigadeiro is a bite-size chocolate sweet. Some people say it tastes like chocolate fudge, others say it tastes more like truffles. I’ve also heard that it is similar to a soft caramel. Personally I think they are more similar to chocolate fudge.

Traditionally, they are made of sweetened condensed milk, chocolate milk powder and butter. The most popular way you can find the brigadeiro is hand rolled into balls and covered in chocolate sprinkles. 

brigadeiro balls in a stand

Before moving to Montreal, we owned a pastry shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Back in 2009, when we started our business, there were only a few variations of Brigadeiro being sold.

  • Classic, made with  chocolate milk powder,
  • The white version, that actually doesn’t contain any chocolate and
  • “Beijinho” made with coconut (the husband’s favourite!).

In the past few years, brigadeiro has become very commercial and lots of different new flavors have been invented. They are now being called “gourmet brigadeiros”.

Gourmet Brigadeiro is an amazing new concept, it puts together the art of confectionery and the tastes and aromas of top quality ingredients such as the best chocolates from all around the world.

They can come in a sort of different toppings and in sophisticated flavours. Pistachio, lime, passion fruit, dark chocolate, Crème Brûle, Churros, Nutella, Champagne are a few examples.

brigadeiro balls

In Brazil, no celebration is complete without brigadeiros. Honestly, I don’t remember ever going to a party that did not have brigadeiros.

At the parties, the brigadeiros are usually placed on platters near the cake. By the time everyone gathers around to sing happy bday to you! it is VERY common to find some empty paper cups left by the ones that could not resist until the “happy bday” song to eat them. (I must confess, I’m not proud of it, but I’ve done it before!)

brigadeiro balls

Here I’m going to give you the Dark Chocolate version, my favorite. The bitter taste of the cocoa powder and chocolate 54% make it less sweet and perfect, in my opinion.

While the brigadeiro requires some patience, it is not at all difficult to make.  After you roll them and cover with sprinkles, you can put them in small candy cups. 

Here at home the kids love to help rolling them in the sprinkles. If you have kids too, ask them for a little help, they will love this bonding time. And of course that some brigadeiro balls will be lost along the way (if you know what I mean!!!). J Have fun and enjoy!

brigadeiro balls
brigadeiro balls


  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 100gr heavy cream (I use the whipping Cream 35%)
  • 30gr cocoa powder
  • 20gr good quality dark chocolate between 50% and 70%
  • 10gr butter, plus more for rolling balls
  • Good quality chocolate sprinkles (or any other type of sprinkles you like).


In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine first the cocoa powder and the condensed milk. After well mixed add the butter, cream and chocolate. Cook, always stirring, until thickened (about 10 minutes). You will know that it is in the right consistency when it comes out easily from the bottom of the pan.

brigadeiro batch
brigadeiro batch

Remove it from the heat and let it rest until room temperature.

Put your sprinkles in a plate or bowl. Then, grease your hands with butter and roll the brigadeiros into cherry-size balls.

brigadeiro balls

After that, roll the brigadeiro balls into the sprinkles and place them in paper/foil candy cups.

Now the only thing you have to do is enjoy it and taste happiness in small bites.

Please let me know how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #withmylittleones.

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Apple Cinnamon Bundt Cake

This delicious, fluffy and spicy apple cinnamon bundt cake will be your favorite cake of the Fall season!

Check the video recipe in our YouTube Channel

I love making this cake to share with friends or to have it at home to accompany a nice cup of coffee, especially at this time of the year. With the weather getting cooler and the kitchen full of apple bags from the last trips to the u-pick apple farms, there’s nothing better than making an Apple Cinnamon Bundt Cake.

Sweetened with brown sugar, this cake will melt in your mouth. Apple chunks and cinnamon are in every single bite.

This cake really does not need a frosting.  I just sprinkled on some powdered sugar but you can frost it as you wish.

You can use your favorite apple variety, but I suggest you stick with the most sour ones. A couple of weeks ago we all went to a u-pick apple farm, and in the following week the kids also went u-pick with their school. They brought home 2 bags of McIntosh and that’s what I used for this recipe.

First you will need to gather all your ingredients. Make your mise en place.

The apples must be peeled, cored, and sliced ¼ inch thick

To get a fluffy texture you need to mix the butter with the sugar really well, for at least 5min. this will make a difference in your cake.

After adding the eggs and vanilla extract you can continue mixing until you get a smooth mixture. But after adding the dry ingredients don’t over-mix it or it will make your cake dense.

Every time you add flour to a butter and sugar mixture, you should immediately stop mixing once you no longer see any lumps. When you overmix cake batter, the gluten in the flour can form elastic gluten strands, resulting in a denser and chewy texture.

Now it’s time to fold in the apples with a spatula. It might seem a lot but trust me, you won’t regret it.

Spray a bundt cake pan with cooking spray (you can also sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon at this time) and Spoon batter into it. Then, smooth top with the back of a spoon. 

Bake it at 350F and enjoy the smell of the cinnamon taking over your kitchen! 


  • 220gr Butter room temperature
  • 270gr Dark Brown Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 5gr Vanilla Extract
  • A pinch of Salt
  • 4gr Baking Soda
  • 8gr Baking Powder
  • 8gr Ground Cinnamon
  • 400gr Flour (you can also use 200gr regular flour + 200gr whole wheat flour)
  • 520gr peeled, cored apples  sliced in ¼ inch thick


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • First put aside all your ingredients. Prepare your mise en place
  • Cream butter and brown sugar in the mixer with the whisk attachment.
  • Add the eggs and vanilla extract, whisk well until smooth
  • Switch the whisk to the paddle attachment
  • Gradually add in the flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon. Don’t overmix and stop when you no longer see any lumps.
  • Fold in the apples with a spatula
  • Spoon/pour the thick batter into the prepared bundt pan.
  • Bake for about 1 hour or until a toothpick inserted in the cake comes out clean. The baking times may vary depending on your oven. Keep your eye on the cake after 50 minutes.
  • Allow the cake to cool in the pan, then invert onto a serving plate once cooled and ready to serve.
  • Sprinkle on some powdered sugar.
  • Cover leftovers and store at room temperature for 3 days or in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Flavor is outstanding on day 2!
  • Check the video recipe in our YouTube Channel

Please let me know how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #withmylittleones.

Check out the recipe for the most delicious Orange Cake!

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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party – Part One

Alice in Wonderland dessert table

We always wanted to throw an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party for our daughter! At the same time, we always thought it’s a complex theme for a young age. We wanted her to be able to enjoy the party and at the same understand the theme.

It’s her first year at Primary School and we did not want a big party. We planned to do something intimate and cozy in our backyard. She invited 6 of her closest friends. It allowed us to customize the favors and also focus on the quality of the Goddie Bags. (If you ever had to prepare 20/30 Goodie Bags, you know what I’m talking about! $$$ Cast the first stone those who have never gone through Halloween candies to prepare the goodie bags). 

We did not expect her to get so involved in planning the party as she did. She wanted to participate and brought her opinion in every detail of her party. First of all, she started by helping Mom to choose the cake design. (that one was literally “a piece of cake” since Mom is a cake designer!!) Then, they went through hundreds of Pinterest boards to select ideas for the sweet table and for the decorations. She helped Mom with the decorations for the cake and cupcakes.

Helping with decoration to the party


For the activities, we chose:

  • 3 colors challenge with Alice in Wonderland coloring page.
  • Cupcake workshop
Cupcake workshop
Cupcake workshop
  • “Find the hidden key”

The idea to do a game with keys turned out really fun and the girls loved it. As soon as the girls arrived, each one was assigned a colour of ribbon and they received a bracelet with their colour. After the 3 colours challenge, they had to find the keys hidden in our backyard.

Vintage Key for Alice in Wonderlando Birthday Activity

For this game we bought a set of vintage keys and tied each key with a different colored ribbon. They enjoyed it so much! I was so happy to hear that the next day some of the girls went to school wearing the key as a pendant.

Vintage Key for Alice in Wonderlando Birthday Party

The Favors

The favors included a bag with “Eat me” cookies, a “drink me” bottle and a UNBIRTHDAY gift. The UNBIRTHDAY gift was a coloring book and Colored Pencil Set.

Favors for surprise bag
Alice in Wonderland coloring book
Alice in Wonderland unbirthday gift

Literally 5 minutes before the Party started, I decided to make some signs and instead of receiving the girls by the front door, it guided them directly to our backyard. It is very simple. First of all you need to print a big arrow with the words you want. Then you have to glue them into a cardboard box. I used one that was laying around the house for weeks refusing to go to recycling. Then I cut it out in arrow shape and placed the signs outside the house. I believe that with more time this would look so much better! The best part is that the girls loved it and pretty much all the parents played along!

Alice in Wonderland signs
Alice in Wonderland costume AliExpress

On AliExpress we bought the beautiful Alice’s dress and also the pair of striped socks.

Our friend from Fêtes de Jardins was in charge of the décor and she did an amazing job as always! Thanks Dany

Click here to check the details for the dessert table.

You can find more ideas in our Pinterest Board.

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