The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal (Summer Version)

Discover the Top 8 things to do in Montreal with the kids as soon as life goes back to normal!

Summer is for sure our family’s favourite season. There is always so much to do in Montreal and surrounding areas that sometimes we have all the weekends of summer planned out before it even begins.

2020 is certainly an atypical year. First of all because it will be the first time in 5 years that we don’t have to spend weeks packing due to moving. Yes, we’ve moved every summer for the past 5 years! Definitely the worst moving experience was the last one, on summer of 2019. At the time I was 38 weeks pregnant of our third child and we had only one week to paint and organize the home to receive the new baby. It is crazy, isn’t it? Secondly, as we are not moving, we hoped that we would have more free time to do lots of fun activities with the kids, but then COVID-19 happened and you know the rest!

I’m sure you’re with me on this one when I say that it was not in the plans to face the daily challenges on how to juggle our lives between work, homeschooling, health, connections with friends and family, and stay sane!

Well, but the truth is that COVID is going to stick with us for a little while and summer is almost around the corner. And that means that we will have to adapt our plans a little and get a bit creative.

And then it hit me, since we will not be able to stick to our plans, why not make a list of things we want to do and places we want to visit when all of this is over? So we sat together and the kids loved making some additions to the list. And at the same time it was very nostalgic and brought back a lot of good family memories.

If you ever plan to visit Montreal stick with me here because our list of The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal will keep you busy and entertained during your stay in this vibrant and marvelous city.

Are you ready? So, let’s go to the fun part:


Go to a Montreal Impact soccer game

Montreal Impact hosts its games at Saputo Stadium and it is an amazing experience. Since it is a smaller stadium, you feel very close to the action.

Strawberry U-Pick

Every summer we try to go at least twice to Strawberry U-pick. The kids absolutely love to pick some strawberries and eat tons of them while still at the farm. And the best part of Strawberry season is that we get enough strawberries to make and stock up on Strawberry Jam for the whole year.

We went Strawberry picking during the pandemic.
Check it out!
Strawberry U-pick - The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal
Strawberry U-pick - The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal
Strawberry U-pick - The Top 8 Things To Do in Montreal

Apple Picking

Montreal has hundreds of farms within a 45 minutes drive where you can apple pick. That is why we try to go to a different farm each year. It is a fun and delicious day-trip. Usually we arrive early at the farm, pick some apples during the morning (when the sun is not very hot) and then we sit by a tree and have a delicious picnic. Apple Jam and Apple Pie are two of the recipes we make with the apples we bring home.


If you are a parent from Montreal a pataugeoire is a huge part of your summer’s afternoons. Pataugeoire is a wading pool and is where my kids like to go every afternoon after summer camp.

Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival is not in Montreal and it does not happen in the summer. It is, in fact, an annual festival that happens in Ottawa in the beginning of May. It has already become our tradition to go every year on a family trip to Ottawa and visit the festival. Ottawa is stunning and it gets even more beautiful with thousands and thousands. But if you don’t want to travel, the Botanical Garden has also a beautiful garden full of tulips.

The Tulip Festival in Ottawa

Jazz Festival

The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is an annual jazz festival held in Montreal. There is even a section dedicated only to the Little Ones with a giant piano (the kids can jump from one key to another to make a song) and a lot more.

Just for Laughs Festival

Just for Laughs is a comedy festival held each July at the Place des Espetacles. It was founded in 1983 and it is the largest international comedy festival in the world.

Orchestra at Mont Royal

The Mont Royal is our favourite place in the city. Can you imagine listening to the most prestigious symphony orchestra in Canada and one of the best in North America while looking at the breathtaking views from the top of the Mont Royal? I don’t think life can get any better! It happens that one evening per year (around mid-July) the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal hosts a free concert at the Chalet du Mont-Royal. I know what you are thinking, it is impossible to miss it.

The Montreal Symphony Orchestra playing at Mont Royal
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